Scope of Works

Although we undertake a wide range of projects across different industries, we primarily specialise in:  

Aged Care and Hospital fit outs and refurbishments

  • Aged Care & Hospital Furniture & Seating 
  • Reception Furniture & Seating
  • Lounge & Quite Rooms 
  • Dining/Activity Rooms 
  • Resident/Patient Rooms 
  • Office and Treatment areas 
  • Outdoor areas    

Aged Care and Hospital Specialised Seating 

  • Mobile Tilt and Recline Chairs
  • Repositioning Chairs
  • Electric Recliner and Lift Chairs
  • Adjustable Height Chairs

Commercial fit outs and refurbishments

  • Commercial Furniture 
  • Hospitality Furniture & Seating 
  • Office Furniture & Seating 
  • Filing & Storage solutions     

Project Delivery

The success of any project is always determined by the quality of the finished product and whether the project was completed as planned, on time and on budget. Our clients will confirm our commitment to these outcomes.   

Our objectives for every project are: 

  • To always deliver innovative designs and quality workmanship
  • To keep our clients informed at all times and to always exceed their expectations of service and reliability
  • To always deliver spaces and solutions for which our clients thank us.